Monday, April 9, 2012

Personal Transformation - You're Human

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When she awakens, she feels refreshed because she's had a good night sleep, and she's already set goals for the day ahead.

She's confident about her intentions and direction, because she communes with God before starting on her way.

Though she's in her 30's, she feels more 
vibrant than she did in her 20's, because she engages in at least 45 minutes of exercise, 4 days per week. Her health is optimal, because she eats lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and enjoys water as her favorite beverage.

She has a sister, however, who lives close by, but struggles with attaining good habits.

When she awakens, she wonders why in the world she stayed up so late watching "Breakout Kings" the night before.
Her intentions and direction for the day are a bit foggy, because (once again) she "forgot" to commune with God before starting on her way.

She's in her 30's, but feels like she's in her golden years, because she can't remember the last time that she took a long walk, let alone set foot in a gym. The state of her health could certainly be better, but won't improve if she keeps eating ice cream sandwiches after 7 pm.

These "sisters" are so different, yet they are part of the same person.  
They are ME.

The first sister represents me on my best days, in my best moments, at different times in my life.  The second sister represents me... um... this morning.  

That's right.  I had an ice cream sandwich after 7 pm last night, and loved every bit of it!

We all have different sides to us-- some ideal, some not so ideal.
But that's what makes us human.  

We're constantly in a state of personal transformation.  We learn, grow, discard, and mature.

Have you accepted that there are different sides to you?  Some ideal?  Some not so ideal?  Are you willing to learn, grow, discard, and mature?

Freedom doesn't come from trying to fool everyone else into believing that you're perfect.

Freedom comes from admitting that you are still "under construction", just like everyone else.

Once you've acknowledged that you've got some growing to do, work on uncovering the direction in which you need to grow.  Your ideal self is just one layer of your potential.  In what other areas can you learn, grow, discard, and mature?  

Spend some quiet time meditating on this. Talk to God about it.  

For the shortcomings that you are already aware of, make a move towards changing them.  When they step into your path, do an about-face, and start walking in the opposite direction.

Recognize that in some cases it may be more appropriate to RUN.

But start somewhere.

Today, I will start somewhere.  I will go to the gym for the first time in I-don't-know-how-long.  And this time, I will be sure to have my ice cream sandwich before 7 pm... 


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