Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shawn McDonald: A Hippie Reborn

Shawn McDonald is one of my favorite inspirational artist.  I came across his music by accident, about 4 years ago, when looking for some new music to download on iTunes.  His music is driven by the acoustic guitar, and is very fresh and contemporary, with upbeat tunes, as well as meditative selections for those who want to enjoy a quiet moment in song.

This is a portion of his bio from his website:
Shawn McDonald's life has been marked by a string of heartaches, bad breaks, and personal mistakes, events that have landed him both in trouble with the law and in love with the Lord - in that order. The street-tough but tenderhearted McDonald has never shied away from telling his story - of growing up in Eugene, Oregon, as an angry, rebellious teen who was a drug addict and a dealer, looking for any and every way to escape his pain and a dysfunctional home. In 1998, at just 20 years old and at the end of his rope - and facing nine felony counts on a drug bust - McDonald cried out to God . . . and started turning his life around. He hasn't looked back since...
Please enjoy the following video, in which Shawn talks about his transition from a life of confusion as a hippie, to a life of clarity in Christ.  

For more information on Shawn McDonald, visit

I'll be sharing "Wisdom- Part 2" tomorrow, so see you then!



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