Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh no, He didn't!

God doesn't play at all, does He?  My, oh my. Let me share.

After months of going back and forth about it, I'd finally accepted that it was time for me to move on from my job. It was a good job, and at times very personally fulfilling. But the restlessness in my spirit made it evident that there was much more for me to do "out there", and it wasn't to be done in that particular role. My season there was coming to an end.

So, I began working on "mission: New Job for Karen".

I started thinking about what I might like to do next. I wanted my next move to be one where career development opportunities would be numerous. For the past 14 years, I've been a field sales professional for companies headquartered out of state.  As such, there were no "inside" opportunities that I could take advantage of without moving. I really wanted to find a company that had a local corporate presence OR that had home-based positions as part of their everyday operations, so that I could stay close to home, even as I advanced in my career. 

I researched companies on the internet-- most successful, best places to work, best in class-- and selected those that fit my prerequisites. I'd found 5 that fit the bill, right off the bat.

That's when I began fixing up my resume. I read articles on it, flipped through books on it, asked friends about it, then tackled it.

And then finally, about 4 weeks ago, after several aggravating revisions, I finished editing my resume.

I was excited!  I had never gone into a job search with this much diligence before.  I felt so productive.  I remember looking at my finished resume, and being pleased with how far it had come since my revisions.

About 30 minutes later, a familiar feeling came over me. I felt positively giddy. I knew what it meant, because it had happened to me before.  I even posted about it on FB...

He'd woven things together so wonderfully for me to get my present job (I'll share that amazing story next time).  I wondered where He was sending me next.  Would He make it really obvious, like He did last time?  Good things had to be on the horizon!

Exactly one week later, on February 9th, I had a field visit scheduled with my manager. We always had a great time during field visits, but since I was in such a state of confidence and gratitude, I just knew that our day together would be extra special.

When I got to the branch office, my manager asked if we could "talk for a little bit", before heading out to the field.

As I followed her into a room, I thought, "This is unusual".

We sat down.  She began with, "I'm sorry to blindside you, but..."

Ohhh boy...

"...challenges.... Based on the market conditions....position eliminated....YOURS".

Extra special day indeed!

She shed a few tears.

I told her, "Just let me get past this part, because then I want to say something".

Then, I shed a few tears.

I let her know that it was OK. I truly understood (more than she realized).

While she went over the details of my severance package, my mind wandered.

Really, Lord?  Really?  I mean, I know I'm slow to change at times, and I took a little longer than I should have to respond to what you were telling me about moving on from here, but C'MON! Give me a chance!  I just finished my resume last week...

Wait a minute.  I just finished my resume last week?  Last week, after several weeks of diligent research and preparation-- something I'd never done before?  Last week, even though, as far as I knew, I had a job that was comfortable and secure and not going anywhere until I told it to?

You HAVE been giving me a chance, Lord!  All of this time.  You already knew what was to come, so You began to PREPARE me.  Wow... You really ARE working on something in the background!

The conversation with my manager ended well. We hugged and had lunch together.

God is good!

At times, since my layoff, I've been tempted to give in to anxiety about what's to come, and how prepared I am for it, but I just keep reminding myself to... "Look at the birds. They don't plant or harvest, or store food in barns, for my heavenly Father feeds them. And aren't I more valuable to Him than they are?" Matthew 6:27 NLT.

Yes, I am.  He led me to this last job, He told me when it was time to go, and He set me on a path of preparation for my next stop.  I just have to prepare myself to go there... wherever "there" is.

No, God doesn't play at all.  But He has a reason for everything that He does.  And I'm learning to readily recognize His voice, so that I can respond.  When He decides to tell me where this last intervention is taking me, I'll be sure to share it with you.  :-)

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lori lucas said...

Hello Karen :) It's nice to "meet" you! This is my first visit to your blog. :) As I read this post I found myself smiling as you shared of the goodness of God and how He perfectly prepared you for what was to come. :) He is truly wonderful and I'm amazed at the way He works in our lives! It's such a great feeling to know we are so loved and cared about. Matthew 6:27 is one of my favorite verses! When I see a bird it's as if God is telling me "don't worry, I will provide for you." I just love that about Him! God bless you abundantly always on your journey of life! :)

Karen said...

Thanks, Lori! It just blows my mind sometimes to know how He is faithfully orchestrating events and circumstances to achieve His end. Regardless of what's going on "out there", our security should be in the fact that He's "in here". I'm glad you stopped by for a visit. :-)

Shari Lynne @ said...

Ohhh Karen I just love that! God is so amazingly good isn't He! I can't wait to hear the next adventure He has for you..I'm sure it will be a doozy and tailor made just for His Karen:)

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